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Mary Ellen Powers

President, Plum Fest Charitable, Inc. and PlumFest Event Manager

Mary Ellen Powers (MEO) joined the PlumFest team in 2020 to support Kevin Kelley and Cynthia Keefe scheduling hosts and bands and creating the PlumFest event schedule. She assumed greater responsibility over the years and became event manager in 2023. In 2024, MEO was elected President of Plum Fest Charitable, Inc., and serves as the functional operations manager providing day-to-day event management as well as strategic direction for the event and the going concern at large. MEO and her husband Jeb (singer in the popular Plum Island cover band, The Rolling Who) moved to Plum Island in 2017 after renting during the season for 10 years. Though they are ‘washashores,’ MEO and Jeb have embraced Plum Island life–the natural beauty and the spiritual rewards it offers–and have made it their beloved home. “Beach life is life changing,” she says. And music has always been the primary driver of fun, community, personal expression, and connection for the Powerses. MEO jumped at the chance to be a part of the “Best Day on Plum Island” when the opportunity came along. As steward of the event, MEO sends a message that all are welcome to participate in PlumFest, and the day is truly one of connection and positivity.

Shannon Kinney

Vice President, Plum Fest Charitable, Inc. and PlumFest Marketing Manager

A life-long lover of music, Shannon Kinney moved to Plum Island in 2020 from Maine. She first volunteered for PlumFest in 2021 assisting with online marketing, the website, and promotions, and assisted the event manager. In 2024, she was named Vice President of Plum Fest Charitable, Inc., and Event Marketing Manager and brings extensive experience in business, event management, and non-profit management having served on many professional and service oriented boards including the Maine Lobster Festival where she has served as Marketing and PR Director and event strategy for nearly 20 years. In her professional life, Shannon has more than 30 years of experience in online marketing and has founded three national marketing companies including her agency, Dream Local Digital.

Tom O’Reilly

Treasurer, Plum Fest Charitable, Inc. and PlumFest Financial Manage

Tom O’Reilly is a recent washashore to Plum Island after a 25-year stretch in Charlestown. In 2024, Tom was appointed Treasurer of Plum Fest Charitable, Inc., and serves as Director of Finance for PlumFest. Tom has had a career in financial services and technology and has nonprofit financial leadership experience as well. When not buried in spreadsheets and data, Tom enjoys flouting the leash laws on Plum Island beaches and watching stripers ignore his bait.

Shanon Heckethorn

Clerk, Plum Fest Charitable, Inc. and PlumFest Sponsorship Manager

Shanon Heckethorn, a year-round resident of Plum Island, moved to the island after living in Charlestown, MA, with her husband, Tom, and their doodle, Lucy. A former Mainer, she has always been drawn to the coast and longed to live oceanside. Shanon joined friends and family for her first PlumFest several years ago and marveled at the spirited community-driven event. Committed to giving back, Shanon brings to the team her varied and extensive career experience as a not-for-profit professional and fundraiser. In 2024, Shanon was appointed Clerk for Plum Fest Charitable, Inc., and serves as Sponsorship Director for PlumFest.

Kimberly Hutchins

PlumFest Volunteer Manager

Kim Hutchins is a long-time resident of Newburyport and Plum Island. She has served in multiple volunteer coordination roles and as a member of several Boards of Directors for charitable organizations. She has been involved in PlumFest for a few years , first as a band host with her partner, Derek Lively, then as a volunteer. Kim now serves as the PlumFest Volunteer Team Manager. Kim loves music, fun, and supporting local music and residents. She is a child and family therapist with a practice in Newburyport.. Kim enjoys being involved in community events and fundraising and is happy to be a part of the ever growing PlumFest with the amazing leadership team serving a fabulous community! Kim welcomes all to be a part of this beautiful day and to reach out and join–there is a spot for everyone at Plumfest!

Kim Richards

PlumFest Fundraising Manager

Kim Richards is a Registered Nurse who has lived on Plum Island for many years. She is a lover of music and any outdoor activity! After many years as a business owner, collaborator, and founder of a successful nonprofit, Kim is honored to join PlumFest as Manager of the Fundraising Team and most importantly, the event team’s chief “fun raiser!”

Ken Demoura and Linda DeMoura

Ken is a member of the Board of Directors, Plum Fest Charitable, Inc.
Linda is PlumFest Co-Manager of Fundraising Events

Ken DeMoura, member of Board of Directors for Plum Fest Charitable, Inc., and Linda Demoura, member of the PlumFest event management team, have this to say about their love of PlumFest and of Plum Island in General:

In the late summer of 2021, two cyclists and frustrated musical artists, who were very much in love—we’ll call them Ken and Linda—took a bike ride on the magical Island of Plums. After their trek, they sought out a place to slake their thirst. Just then, a man in a gabardine suit appeared and whispered in Ken’s ear “seek out refreshments in the green building,” and so they did. Finding kindred spirits in a place of liquid spirits called the ‘Coma, they were enchanted and enthralled by a wizard from Bahama who played the music of their youth while occasionally calling for a ‘social toast’. And they heard much about a festival of plums when more musicians visited the magical island. But sadly, they were told the festival had happened the week before their arrival. And the man in the gabardine suit appeared again, this time with a woman named Pam who was wearing polythene, who said “It will happen again next year—it happens every year.” And so, they returned to the green building several times a month, listened to more incredible music by many incredible musicians and traveling minstrels, and consumed more spirits. They married in the green building, and they waited excitedly for the next festival of plums. The festival came. The festival was most excellent. Ken and Linda decided that this island of the plums was their “spiritual home,” and they vowed to keep coming to the island to enjoy its magic and enchantment. They sought out the keepers of the festival of plums and offered their humble service. The keepers gratefully accepted. And that is the story of Linda and Ken and the Festival of the Plums.

[If you must know, Linda and Ken DeMoura are married, they have seven awesome adult-sized children between them, and they live in Peabody. Linda is an Esthetic Nurse at Riversong Plastic Surgery in Newburyport. Ken is a trial attorney and business law counselor at his own law firm in Wakefield. They are also the holders of the “best costume” title for the Beachcoma’s 2022 Halloween party!]

Tom Godbout

Member, Board of Directors, Plum Fest Charitable, Inc.

In 2024, Tom was appointed to the Plum Fest Charitable, Inc., Board of Directors. Tom and his wife, Connie, came to Newburyport via Charlestown and Cambridge in 2014. They have a strong love for everything Plum Island and even got engaged on PI before ever considering moving the area. Tom has attended every Plumfest since its inception and long ago declared it his ‘favorite day of the year.’ When not attending Plumfest, Tom works as a mortgage broker, loves cycling, snowboarding, paddleboarding and spending time at the beach. He and Connie also have a deep passion for rescuing elderly dogs. Tom looks forward to contributing to the continued success of PlumFest.

Cathy Hallisey

Member, Board of Directors, Plum Fest Charitable, Inc.

Cathy Hallisey, proprietor of Plum Island’s beloved Plum Island Beachcoma, is well-known to all in the Newbury, Newburyport, and Plum Island communities. Cathy has been a part of PlumFest since inception and has hosted the event’s major fundraiser, “Halfway to PlumFest” at the ‘Coma every year. In 2024, Cathy was appointed to serve on the Plum Fest Charitable, Inc., Board of Directors.

Jenn Lampman

Member, Board of Directors, Plum Fest Charitable, Inc.

Jenn Lampman is General Manager and Events Coordinator at one of Plum Island’s favorite hospitality spots, the Sunset Club. She is a new member of the PlumFest team–joining in 2024 and is happy to be a part of the organization, having been involved with the Plum Island community since opening the restaurant in August 2021. In 2024, Jenn was appointed to the Plum Fest Charitable, Inc., Board of Directors.

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