September 16, 2023

An island-wide celebration of live music and community!


Welcome to PlumFest

The Plum Island Porch Festival!

PlumFest is a non-profit volunteer-run organization incorporated as a Charitable Foundation to bring local musicians, island residents and visitors together to showcase the natural beauty and artistry that make Plum Island such a special place. As an early participant in the “porch-fest” movement that is gaining popularity nation-wide, PlumFest brings our own unique flavor to the mix, with an event that is sure to please.

The entire event is FREE! The hosts volunteer, the bands volunteer, and our volunteers volunteer. This day is all about coming out and sharing the beauty of Plum Island and the music of our community with friends and neighbors. Yes, we will be collecting donations for our designated beneficiary, the Boys and Girls Club of Lower Merrimack Valley and the Merrimack River Watershed Council, but there is no admission charge.

There will be music playing across Plum Island on Saturday, Sept 16, 2023 from noon to ~6:00 pm, and it’s all FREE!

PlumFest is a non-profit volunteer-run organization incorporated as a Charitable Foundation.


The funds raised at PlumFest will support the ongoing music education program at the Boys and Girls Club of Lower Merrimack Valley, and will enable the club to expand its existing music curriculum by adding instruction in recording technology, studio engineering and sound management.

Volunteers from the club will be helping to staff the welcome table, supervising the parking lot at the airport, and providing some of the buses to help transport visitors around the island on the day of the event. Their support (this year and in the past) is a key asset in helping make PlumFest run smoothly for everyone! Be sure to thank them, and be generous on PlumFest day to help them keep their wonderful music program going strong!

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This year we are adding a second worthy cause – the Merrimack River Watershed. The health of the Merrimack River is important to all of the Plum Island Residents, and we’re proud to work with and support this organization. Volunteers from the club will be helping us on the day of the event – we appreciate their help!

Merrimack River Watershed Council focuses on conserving the Merrimack River. The river, at 117 miles in length, drains a watershed of 5,000 square miles that sustains a population of over 2.5 million, while furnishing drinking water to over 600,000 people. Home to more than 200 New Hampshire and Massachusetts communities, the Merrimack watershed provides major recreational opportunities, diverse fish and wildlife habitat, and stunning scenic beauty.

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