2023 Line-up we hope to bring to 2024!



We started playing together in November 2005 as a way to help me deal with the loss of my son 1st Lt Derek Hines who was killed in Afghanistan in September 2005. Eighteen years later we are still together and play fundraisers and private party’s in the Newburyport area. We play classic rock, country and many other popular tunes from various genres such as Tom Petty, Lynyrd Skynrd to Imagine Dragons and Jason Aldean.


Steve Hines Singer and rhythm guitar
Neal Spinney Lead guitar
Joe Rosano Bass guitar
Bob Dow Drums




Alien Drag

Alien Drag comes in peace. They mean no harm.

These noise-laden hook merchants inadvertently crash-landed their intergalactic shuttle on Boston’s Northshore, and are now unable to escape Earth’s strong gravitational pull. Strong, that is, compared to their home planet’s.

But, do not despair. In addition to spending their time assimilating to Earth’s customs, they also created “sound assemblages” in their spare time – just like they did back home. First came the sound assemblage album, Escape From Alpha. Next came three sound assemblage singles: “Lucky Trousers,” “RockMore,” and “Kiss Your Trash.”

Relax, and take it all in. Consider it all a goodwill gesture. A peace offering, if you will, from Alien Drag to the planet Earth.

It sounds just like it used to on the bridge of their Scrumbleship, as they traversed the galaxies.

Earth-based reactions to Escape From Alpha:

First of all: PLAY LOUD. Second of all, don’t listen to this collection expecting something either completely serious and conventional or something reputably avant-garde and somewhat boring. This is a curious mix of punk rock conventions yoked to bizarre, Queen-like grandiosity… ”
– Francis DiMenno, The Noise Boston

“After repeated listenings, you’ll agree, Escape from Alpha proves to be a diamond in the rough from a very clever quartet of rockers.”
– Doug Sloan, Metronome Magazine

“I love it, good music…”
– Adam12, RadioBDC broadcast


T-J0N35 (Trent Jones) – Guitars, Vocals, Systems Engineering
E-81834ULT (Eric Bibeault) – Guitars, Vocals, Diplomacy
J-L4NDR7 (Joe Landry) – Bass, Circuit Analysis
G-84LL4RD (Gary Ballard) – Drums, Propulsion Systems

Bandcamp site









We are family and friends that enjoy entertaining with upbeat rock and country spanning from the 70’s to the 2000’s. We played PlumFest 2017 as Steppin’ Stone.
TJ Dixon – lead guitar/vocals, Jeanne Bryan – rhythm guitar/vocals, Jeremy Johns – bass/vocals, June Johns – vocals/keyboard, Laurice Langelier – drums

Facebook page


Autumn Sol

We are an acoustic duo of Americana singer/songwriters. We use harmony extensively in our originals and our covers as well. One guitar, two vocals and hand percussion as well.

Steve Roy (vocals and acoustic guitar)
Heather Dee (vocals and hand percussiion)


We Play Songs We Love Classic Rock, Blues, R&B, Americana, Country. Acoustic or electric, we do it all. BlondeDog is based out of southern NH

Performers: Sherri Humphrey, Lead Vocals, George Humphrey, Guitar, Craig Campbell, Drums, Vocals Steve Straight, Bass, Vocals Sonic, Pink Dog Bone

BlondeDog Website


Boston Accents

Boston Accents is a three piece fun, danceable classic rock band with with fantastic harmonies. We will be playing all your dance friendly favorite music from all decades. High energy and incredible three part harmonies make for a perfect compliment for any event!


Joe Russell – Guitar Vocals
Scott Richards – Drums Vocals
Jim “Bo” Sellers – Bass Vocals

Boston Accents Facebook Page

Performance Videos


Charlie Diamond

Charlie Diamond lost everything in a house fire. Drove across the country on his motorcycle like Jack Kerouac facing the great unknown. Lived in a tent and stayed with people he met. Alligators, ghosts, knife fights, love, loss, psychics. Became a firefighter. Awarded The Medal of Valor. Became a Folk singer/songwriter and now travels throughout New England with his dog playing music. Sleeping in the bed of his pick-up truck under the stars and living life as only a Diamond could. From The Hudson River Valley in New York, to the Catskills, and across The Berkshires.


YouTube Folk on the Street

Bandcamp page


Chris Hyde

Chris is a North American songwriter whose catalog of original music has emerged over the last decade. Chris’ songs include ballads of innocence, experience and protest.

During the summer of 2022, Chris has performed twice at Flatbread Company in Amesbury and at the Plum Island Grille as part of Plumfest.

Previously, Chris performed at Plumfest in 2016, 2017 and 2021, and prior to Event 201, played regularly at open mics across the Merrimack Valley and Seacoast including at The Grog and Thirsty Whale in Newburyport, SKY HI in Amesbury, The Chit Chat Lounge in Haverhill, The Back Page in Lowell and The Press Room in Portsmouth.

While traveling, Chris has also performed at Piggy’s in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan (twice!), played an impromptu two song set at The Wildcat Inn (Jackson, NH) in the winter of 2022 and a 3 night ‘dessert on the deck’ set at the The Cracked Mug (Monhegan Island, Maine) the summer of 2022.


The Scarlett Crayon and the Steel Wool

Blue Skies and Golden Grains


Chris O’Donnell

Heavily influenced by the British Invasion the as well as the progressive/alternative genre of the 1970s to present, Chris O’Donnell puts a soothing acoustic spin on six decades of rock and roll and alternative rock and roll music. ‘COD’ refrains from (most) pop rock, instead preferring to acoustically cover deeper cuts, 1980s synth-based songs and reviving those once loved but forgotten and those that connect with people. His influences include Pink Floyd and Muse — and everything rock, alt and prog in between.

Having stumbled into playing live music by accident in 2010, COD has played the local circuit of pubs and clubs throughout the North Shore on a regular basis the last seven years and has no intention of stopping.

Chris O’Donnell Soundcloud Page
Chris O’Donnell Facebook Page

Times Like These / Heroes

Lucky Man


Currier Square

Currier Square is a Haverhill based singer-songwriter folk-rock trio who have been part of the local music scene for many years. They perform original songs from their three released CD’s in addition to select cover songs. Their songs of love, life, people, and the world around us are delivered via signature vocal harmonies riding atop acoustic, electric and bass guitars.

We have performed together in various band iterations since the 1970’s, but today primarily perform at acoustic venues, and feature mostly original songs from our three released CD’s, “Going Home” (2017), “River Town”(2019), and “Full Circle” (2021). Our genre is primarily folk, folk-rock, singer-songwriter with a few covers performed as well.

Performers: Vance Grazio, (vocals, acoustic guitar, harmonica), Mark Porro, (vocals, acoustic and electric guitars), Mike LaPierre (bass guitar).

Currier Square Soundclick Page
Facebook Page
This Disease
Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door


Cynthia and Kevin

PlumFest founders Cynthia and Kevin are great supporters of our local music scene. The are an acoustic act performing well loved songs from the past, (covering rock to Americana to pop, with a hint of jazz and blues thrown in) along with originals, and some of those are about Plum Island!

Performers: Kevin Kelley, guitar and vocals. Cynthia Keefe, ukulele and vocals.

YouTube Video

Life is a song we all sing along to! Original song by Kevin Kelley

Reach for the Mane


Eloise Kirkpatrick

Eloise is a 17 year old artist from Newburyport. Her passions for music began at a very young age from playing the piano, guitar, and writing her own songs. With the help of friends, hard work, and determination, Eloise started recording her own music in the beginning of 2023, fulfilling her dreams to share her songs and lyrics with the world.Her debut single “Pretty Eyes” was released at the end of April 2023, depicting her emotions of growing up and fearing how that will affect some of her relationships in life. Eloise’s full length debut album, “Fire Driven,” will be released at the end of this summer. With an emotional, indie-pop, and folky approach to her music, the young singer/songwriter also enjoys playing a variety of covers from Adele, Tyler Childers, Taylor Swift, Radiohead, and more.



Pretty Eyes (Official Music Video)

Fire Driven (live at Club Passim)


Everlovin’ Rosie

Everlovin’ Rosie is a local acoustic duo featuring husband John and wife Tina Robillard. John & Tina are natives to the area and are known to draw a following with Thier raw, unique sound & connected energy.
With influences from all decades and genres, they bring a sentimental & authentic delivery that is heartfelt!
John Robillard – guitar and vocals
Tina Robillard – vocals



Frankie and Johnnie & The Lazy Boyz

Singer/Songwriting Duo (Kenny Dodge and Schuyler Pearl) performing original material and covers around the Seacoast of NH and Mass with a flair for rockabilly, country swing and folk with a twangy edge and comical hi-jinx!! With rhythm section ‘The Layz Boyz’ it’s always fun time out !!


Kenny Dodge – Guitar, vocals
Schuyler Pearl – Vocals, percussion
Joe Leweck – Drums, backing vocals
John Briggs – Bass

Facebook Page


Fridays at Walters

We have eclectic tastes and play music from the 50’s to current artists. That said, you’ll likely hear music representing the blues, rock, folk, and indie genres, with some occasional country thrown in for fun!
Jim Evans – guitar
Joann Frankhouser – keyboard/percussion
Howard Gaffin – bass
Don Mauer – lead guitar
Leigh Walant – guitar
Rachel Harris – guitar

Gary Shane

The North Shore rocker burst onto the scene 25 long years ago after teaming up with guitarist David Champagne and penning the reggae-informed hit Shadow World for the Shane-Champagne Band, a number that topped the WBCN-FM charts for months in 1979. That was back in the days of skinny ties and power-pop, during the brief era of the so-called new wave, a fabled time when an unsigned, local band could still make it on the strength of a few good tunes and a lot of hustle — even without a marketing plan or a Madison Avenue makeover. And now, three decades later, Gary Shane is still rocking! The band is playing just as hard, but better, and demonstrating again the power of its original musical vision.

Gary Shane website


Gavin Marengi Band

Gavin Marengi, a singer-songwriter from Salisbury, Massachusetts, is proud of and devoted to his community. His background in a small town and the experiences he had growing up are often reflected in the writing of his songs. The young man, who is only 15 years old, manages to captivate audiences everywhere he goes with his impressive guitar playing and raspy voice. His heartfelt music is a fusion of Americana, Classic Folk, Southern Rock, and Outlaw Country.

His song “Southbound” was his debut single that arrived on all platforms February 10th 2023. This song was a reflection on what he thinks and how he portrays his music journey if he left his small town of Salisbury. With a touch of heartfelt weeping slide guitars and a fast paced, catchy melody it shows the young 15 year old boy’s passion and ability to do what he loves, write songs. He has a 10 song album coming out in late March 2023. Stay tuned on this young man’s journey as we know there is something there. But he would just tell you he’s just a boy chasing a dream.


Gavin Marengi – Lead Vocals, Guitar, Harmonica
Terry Marengi – Guitar, backing vocals
AJ Pappas – Bass Guitar
Ron Stewart – Drums

Goats on Tour

Acoustic folk / bluegrass / Irish / fiddle / guitar / mandolin


Pamela Hallock – Fiddle and vocals
Sharon Schoolcraft – vocals
Rob Hallock – guitar & mandolin & vocals
Neil Hallock – guitar & vocals
Joe Kessler – fiddle & vocals

Good Enough / Merrimack Valley

5 piece Massachusetts (Merrimack Valley) based cover band, playing energetic, upbeat rock & pop hit songs from the 70’s to present day.
Barry Madsen – lead vocals, guitar, bass
Brian Anderson – guitar, backing vocals, bass
Andre Nasarah – bass, guitar, backing vocals
JJ Connor – drums
Dave DiTavi – guitar

Hannah Phipps

My name is Hannah Phipps and I am a 23 year old singer-songwriter. I grew up in Newburyport and  just recently played at Arlington Porchfest. I have a background of performing live at open mics, at Fenway’s Got Talent in Boston, and have a regular gig at The Joy Nest right in town. I play acoustic guitar with a wide variety of both covers and original music. Some of the artists I like to play include Amy Winehouse, Pink Floyd, Radiohead, 80’s songs, Foo Fighters, Britany Spears – really anything that makes me laugh or cry or dance I’ll try out on guitar. I just love to have a good time while I perform and hope that it can reach my audience!!



Original Music: https://vm.tiktok.com/ZGJ4xwBE1/
Cover – Foo Fighters: https://vm.tiktok.com/ZGJ4xuQgV/
Cover – Nirvana: https://vm.tiktok.com/ZGJ4xXvXr/

Henry McIntyre

Henry McIntyre is a singer/songwriter from Haverhill, MA. The self proclaimed long lost emo Beatle, McIntyre plays a blend of indie folk and Beatlesque pop, mixing catchy melodic choruses with confessional lyrics. His sound draws to mind artists such as Elliott Smith, the Cure, and the Las. Beginning his career at the age of 9, McIntyre played lead guitar in the rock band, Black Diamonds. In the band’s 8 year existence, they released two EPs and played venues such as House of Blues Boston and the Hard Rock Cafe. The band even earned the Guiness World Record for the World’s Youngest Professional Rock Band. As a solo artist, McIntyre has played Boston mainstays such as The Middle East Upstairs and The Jungle as well as playing as far as Nashville, Denver, and Los Angeles. His latest single, Frank, is due for release in May 2022. The meditative single was produced by Boston music scene veterans Dan Nicklin and Nate Leavitt at Henley Row, with mixing done by Pat Dicenso.

Facebook Page

Live Video


Hey Now

Acoustic: Old, New & everything in between
Jeff Hawkes (guitar, vocals and tired father) Samantha Hawkes (vocals and older daughter) Madison Hawkes (vocals and younger daughter)

JC & Friends

JC & Friends plays a diverse mix of Hippie Classic Rock, Americana, Jam, Reggae, and Original music. Very fun & uplifting!’
JC – Lead Guitar & Vocals
Jimmy Doo – Lead Guitar & Vocals
Max – Bass
James – Drums
Guests: Nick – Keys, Eric – Congas

Jim Larkin

Jim Larkin is a bassist, drummer, solo performer. With over 30 years of performance experience, Jim has performed in 11 countries with dozens of touring and recording artists. A founding member of Jesse Dee’s studio and live ensemble, Jim stays busy making music throughout New England with Danielle M and the Glory Junkies, Spotted Tiger, Ryan Fitzsimmons, Ben Rudnick and Friends as well as solo performances. He has shared the stage with Rev. Al Green, The J. Geils Band, Los Lobos, Martin Sexton, Maceo Parker, Etta James, as well as dozens of Boston artists onstage and in the studio since 2002. Expect a mix of songs from last century, Reggae classics, Americana and Dead tunes.

Performers: Jim Larkin – Guitars + Vocals (can perform solo as well) Ryan Fitzsimmons – Guitar + Vocals

Jim Larkin Music Facebook Page

Last Time I Saw Her

When I Go Away


John Copeland

I am a Boston area-based singer and guitarist specializing in classic rock from the 70s through the 90s with some calls to modern songs. I play with a looper and vocal harmonizer for an expanded sound. I have also released 2 albums of original music and include them in my shows. This is my 6th year playing PlumFest.

John Copeland Reverbnation Page
John Copeland Facebook Page

YouTube Video: Ventura Highway

YouTube Video: Amie


Liz Gemba

Liz has been playing violin since childhood.  She is classically trained
and played in the Parkway Concert Orchestra and the Boston University
All-University Orchestra as well as playing weddings and performing in
local churches. Recently, Liz has been branching out and enjoys playing
contemporary music and jamming with other local musicians!

Facebook page



Minion City

We are a group of friends and students from Newburyport High School that decided to start a band together. We do covers of popular music right now but are working on our first originals.
JJ Rodriguez: Keyboard and vocals, Evan Lagueux: Drums, Will Hansen: Guitar, Felix Pomeroy, Bass.


Hailing from the North Shore, MA (Lynnfield) NLYB merges 3 unique voices delivering a positive uplifting message with a head nodding shaking sound. Lyrically complex weaving thought provoking and hilarious bars over ridiculously great beats.  NLYB has that vintage 90s backpack hip hop sound with intelligent stories of the grind and struggle. Their songs already feel like classics.

NLYB is comprised of three childhood buddies:

* Maxedout – with a deep expansive voice takes you around the world with stories of inspiration and romance.
* CRC  – with a silky whispered tone delivers playfully with masterfully cleaver references.
* Apimpnamedvarg – with a thunderous baritone that grabs you by the throat forcing you to listen.

Other performers:

Nobeltrockin – DJ
Locksley – DJ

Instagram page

YouTube Video: Microphone Check Feat Maxedout and CRC

YouTube Video:  Let’s Get High


Noella Paige

Hi everyone! I am so excited to be playing at Plum Fest again this year. My name is Ella and I am 19 years old and I currently live in Newburyport. Writing songs is one of my favorite things to do. I love getting able to perform them and tell stories through music. I play the piano and guitar. Some of my musical inspirations include Sabrina Carpenter, Taylor Swift, Gracie Abrams and Phoebe Bridgers! Looking forward to getting to see everyone again!

YouTube Channel


Pathological Outliars

Playing all of your favorites such as the Beatles, Stones, Tom Petty, Pretenders, Steve Earle, Cheap Trick, Eddie Cochran, Cash, Clash, and the Lemonheads all with a garage rock twist.

Performers: Craig Douglas on the drums, Ed Cameron on rhythm vocals and guitar, Eric Gootkind on lead guitar and back up vocals, Peter Larsen on bass guitar and back up vocals, Sunny Douglas on vocals and bass guitar and a mean cowbell.

Pathological Outliars Facebook Page


Paul Prue

Delta Blues from the 20s & 30s
Paul has opened for Many national acts and friends over the years
MAT GUITAR MURPHY and many more
Paul Prue
Playing a 1930s steel body national guitar



Peregrine Dream

A refreshing blend of folk, blues, and singer-songwriter music. The material is collection of tracks which blend the depth and lyrical sensitivity of folk songs with the jam-band energy the Seacoast, NH scene is so well known for. Fans of modern folk and Americana bands such as the Lumineers will appreciate the acoustic and percussive influences; fans of the blues will appreciate the chord structures, lead riffs, and guitar solos and fans of jam bands will vibe to the improvisational skills of the band in a live setting.


Tyler Dussault guitar
Caleb Miller guitar/vocals
Trevor Dussault drums
Simon tru bass/vocals

Facebook page



Pot Luck

Pot Luck is the brain child of two late blooming local musicians playing an upbeat mix of folk, rock, country and blues.
Brad Chute – guitar, vocals & harmonica
Sherry Buttrick – guitar & vocals

Revel Up

Cover band playing classic rock, new rock, pop, country – something for everyone


Al Marandola – vocals
Vania O’Connor – lead guitar
Tim Harris – rhythm guitars
Lou Marengi – drums
Tom Rodgers – bass
Tom Robertson – trombone, acoustic guitar
Marc Boisverts – harmonica

RevelUp Facebook page


Rite of Passage

Experience the exhilarating sound of Rite Of Passage, a rising band from New Hampshire and Massachusetts. Blending glam rock, classic rock, pop, and more, they reimagine classics and create original hits, bridging the past with the present. With a dynamic lineup, their performances pulse with energy, paying homage to musical legends while carving a fresh path. Don’t miss Rite Of Passage as they revive the essence of timeless tunes and forge their own musical destiny.

Rockwood Taylor

This edgy, genre-fluid Alt-folk/americana trio regales the listener with a collection of rootsy, gutsy, honest songs that transcend boundaries, taking the listener on a gritty journey through our collective human experience. Their debut EP, “Finding Home,” was nominated for 2019 Album of the Year by New England Music Awards.

Performers: Charlie Rockwood- Guitar Lynne Taylor- Piano Kristine Malpica- Cajon

Where I Started From
Steel Wheels

Basket in Hand

Mr Bossman





Running on Rooftops


Running on Rooftops is a rock band based in Massachusetts. While the style of music they produce is best described as alternative rock, they have a wide variety of influences ranging from Britney Spears to All Time Low to Muse, and everything in between. Their most recent EP, Show Me Your Canines, is a quick example of some songs they have been working on. In addition, there will be a new album coming up real soon.
Royee – Keyboard
Lutz – Vocals
Vincent – Guitar
Alex – Bass
Corey – Drums

Facebook page



YouTube Music


Similar Jones

Similar Jones has been wowing audiences for years with a combined sound that’s bigger than their 7 voices. With a heavy focus on blues and rock, influenced by elements of soul, funk, and jazz, this high-energy vocal band uses a powerful rhythm section and bright background vocals to build the foundation for a wide variety of original songs and creative covers that truly capture the Similar Jones sound: one marked by tight harmonies, intricate rhythms, innovative arrangements, and — most importantly — a rock-solid groove.

Performers, all vocals: Nate Piper, Rob Opdycke, Reena Freedman, Dave Cushing, Mike Stevens, Eric Chung, Jeremy Sacco



Soundbridge Union

Soundbridge Union is a powerhouse music duo with vocals, instrumentation and arrangements of a full band.  Their unique brand of entertainment fuses pop, rock, jazz, blues, and country through reimagined versions of popular songs.
Soundbridge Union plays in the Seacoast and North Shore areas with playlists designed to appease their audiences.


Bernadette Curran-Keyboard
Karen Kearley- Vocals

Facebook page

Black Velvet

In the Air Tonight


Stevie Joe & Co.

Rock and country covers from the 80’s and 90’s to today. Combining Steve “Stevie Joe” Perrucci on guitar& vocals and Tony Marrese on lead guitar with the rhythm section of Getaway Moon.
Steve Perrucci – Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
Tony Marrese – Lead Guitar
Dylan Pfeiffer – Bass
Brian Zampell – Drums

The Gallerist

The Gallerist is a rock band based on the North Shore of Boston with a sound that has been
compared to the likes of Wilco, My Morning Jacket, and Neil Young. Originally born there, the
Gallerist was described as Philadelphia’s “best kept secret” (WXPN’s the Key) before building a
solid following and sharing the stage with the likes of Laura Marling and Ron Gallo. Since
establishing themselves in the Boston area in 2018, the three-piece has been making a name for
themselves, playing all around the city, the North Shore and beyond. With two releases to their
name so far, the Gallerist’s current lineup, featuring Mike Collins on guitar and lead vocals, Jim
Chekos on bass and Max Monaco on drums, is set to release their Great Escape extended play
this winter, a record that sees the band exploring new sonic territory and expanding their reach
beyond anything they’ve put to tape thus far.

Gallerist’s current lineup, featuring Mike Collins on guitar and lead vocals, Jim Chekos on bass and Max Monaco on drums

You can find the Gallerist’s music and social links via:
Instagram | Facebook | Spotify | Bandcamp | Video


The Jonee Earthquake Band

For over 40 years now the Jonee Earthquake band has brought their brand of punk, surf and rock & roll to New England and beyond. Fresh of the release of their new “best of Jonee Earthquake”LP the band continues to attract new fans young and old with a fun, energetic and inclusive live show. Come see what Jonee and his band has in store this year🏴‍☠️🏴‍☠️🏴‍☠️🏴‍☠️🏴‍☠️🏴‍☠️🏴☠️🏴‍☠️🏴‍☠️



Facebook page

YouTube Video Live in Manchester NH

YouTube Video Live on the beach in Hampton NH



The Junior Breakers

We are a group of high schoolers who formed our about a year ago because of our shared love of music. As of right now, we are a cover band, and play mostly rock/punk music. We hope to eventually be able to release our own original songs, and think plum fest is a great opportunity to share our sound with wider audiences.
Em Clemmens – Lead guitar
Izumi Marbet – Rhythm guitar/keyboard
Micheal Grasso – Drums/ backup vocals
Charlotte Brown – Vocals/bass

The Milkhouse Heaters

The Milkhouse Heaters are a indie-folk duo based in Southern Vermont. Ex-Rockers from the Boston music scene, Mike and Jan Sheehy settled in Bellows Falls, VT where the humble seeds of The Milkhouse Heaters were planted. Weaving tall tales and sad stories of the sometimes comical and tragic human condition, their music has been described as being like Emmy Lou Harris and Gram Parsons meets Chrissie Hynde and Joey Ramone.

With powerful dual vocals, driving guitar and thumping bass, as well as harmonica and the occasional kazoo, The Milkhouse Heaters have a unique sound all their own. Mike and Jan have shared stages with Billy Bragg, Fred Eaglesmith, and The Black Crowes, and have been featured on compilation CD’s with G. Love and Jack Johnson, as well as Burning Spear, and others. They have licensed music to ABC and ESPN.

Mike Sheehy – Vocals, Guitar, Harmonica

Jan Sheehy – Vocals, Bass

Milkhouse Heaters Website
Milkhouse Heaters YouTube


The Rolling Who

The Rolling Who is a Boston-based cover band that draws a lot of its material from the 1960s British Invasions as well as pop and rock hits from the 70s, 80s, and 90s. Influences include Oasis, David Bowie, The Kinks, The Beatles, The Who, The Jam and the Beach Boys (to name a few).

Band members are: Jerry Powers – lead vocals and bass John Doucet – lead guitar Ted Doyle – rhythm guitar Michelle Kimball – lead and backing vocals, percussion Chris Coyle – drums

The Rolling Who Facebook page
Let’s Dance Event
Petrock Fundraiser
Bowie Tribute Show
Menotomy Grille gig
Harwichport Spindrift Lounge


The Spaceheaters & Friends

The SpaceHeaters are an eclectic group of musicians who have the distinction of being friends even longer than they have been bandmates. Known for their diverse and far ranging musical interests, the Heaters blend Classic, R&B, Soul, Funk and Folk Rock sensibilities to create a musical tapestry that is both highly listenable and decidedly danceable.

Performers: Tom Zack – Guitar & Vocals Bob Singer – Guitar & Vocals Bert Snow – Bass Paul Reynolds – Keyboards Neal Stockwell – Drums & Vocals Carole Stockwell – Vocals

Spaceheaters Facebook Page
Spaceheaters Soundcloud Page


Tony Marrese

Singer Songwriter with blues rock influences along with instrumental guitar arrangements, playing acoustic blues rock originals and classic blues covers.

Performer: Tony Marrese – Guitar and vocals


Twice Lucky

Twice Lucky is a five-piece classic rock and blues band from Rowley MA who play covers from a variety of artists that include among others,  Muddy Waters, J. Giles, Tom Petty, Treat Her Right and Rusty Zinn.


Ken Trickett  Lead Vocals and Guitar
Joe Sirois  Lead Guitar and vocals
Steve Coes  Bass and vocals
Leo McKenna  Drums
Lou Rotondo Harmonica/assorted percussion

Unnamed Colors

Dubbed “a breath of fresh air on the current Boston music scene” by Metronome Magazine, Unnamed Colors brings fiery progressive songwriting, engaging performances, and a powerful sound all their own. This unexpected group of four lifelong musicians hails from Plum Island. Their debut album, Be Where I Am, was released in 2020 and is available wherever you stream music.

Performers: Sierra Partlan – vocals & piano Andrew Aghababian – guitar Jay Partlan – drums Michael Martel – bass

“Unnamed Colors are a breath of fresh air on the current Boston music scene” – Brian Owens, Metronome Magazine
“A swirling, easy-on-the-ears mixture of art-rock songwriting” Newburyport Magazine – spring 2020 edition

Unnamed Colors Facebook Page
Unnamed Colors website
Unnamed Colors Music Page
Unnamed Colors Spotify Page



Experienced players with few musical boundaries – vibe not genre – shake or stir – your move

Performers: Pat Hall & Friends [Pat Hall – vocals/guitar, Cy Rogere – bass, Adam Sideri –  congas/percussion] with guests Brian Durkin (drums,) Bill Mullen (sax,) Ed Morse (keyboards,) Sally McCraven (vocals,) Bob McCraven (guitar, vocals)


Way to the River

West Newbury based classic rock cover band playing popular music from 60’s to present, we have been playing the North Shore for 15 years and this will be our 7th time playing PlumFest


David Danis-guitar, Tim Guldemond-guitar and vocals, Mitch Getchell-drums, Marc Abatiell-drums, Mike Shields-bass and vocals, Ron Delp-bass and vocals, Lauren Chapman-vocals, John Sarkis-guitar

Our website

Midnight Rider Can’t You See