Project Description

Hailing from the North Shore, MA (Lynnfield) NLYB merges 3 unique voices delivering a positive uplifting message with a head nodding shaking sound. Lyrically complex weaving thought provoking and hilarious bars over ridiculously great beats.  NLYB has that vintage 90s backpack hip hop sound with intelligent stories of the grind and struggle. Their songs already feel like classics.

NLYB is comprised of three childhood buddies:

* Maxedout – with a deep expansive voice takes you around the world with stories of inspiration and romance.
* CRC  – with a silky whispered tone delivers playfully with masterfully cleaver references.
* Apimpnamedvarg – with a thunderous baritone that grabs you by the throat forcing you to listen.

Other performers:

Nobeltrockin – DJ
Locksley – DJ

Instagram page

YouTube Video: Microphone Check Feat Maxedout and CRC

YouTube Video:  Let’s Get High