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Henry McIntyre is a singer/songwriter from Haverhill, MA. The self proclaimed long lost emo Beatle, McIntyre plays a blend of indie folk and Beatlesque pop, mixing catchy melodic choruses with confessional lyrics. His sound draws to mind artists such as Elliott Smith, the Cure, and the Las. Beginning his career at the age of 9, McIntyre played lead guitar in the rock band, Black Diamonds. In the band’s 8 year existence, they released two EPs and played venues such as House of Blues Boston and the Hard Rock Cafe. The band even earned the Guiness World Record for the World’s Youngest Professional Rock Band. As a solo artist, McIntyre has played Boston mainstays such as The Middle East Upstairs and The Jungle as well as playing as far as Nashville, Denver, and Los Angeles. His latest single, Frank, is due for release in May 2022. The meditative single was produced by Boston music scene veterans Dan Nicklin and Nate Leavitt at Henley Row, with mixing done by Pat Dicenso.

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